Home Organization Binder

So I am recently divorced, and now living on my own. I hate to admit, but when I was married I never really paid much attention to our home finances. Dont get me wrong, I wasn’t spending frivolously, but when it came to bill paying, I left the majority of it up to my ex. Before i was married, I did live on my own and finances were fine. However, now that im older, i have many more bills to pay for, and a little one to account for as well.

Having to learn smart budgeting and spending has become a very important thing to me, and it was scary at first. I did a lot of researching online for help and tips, the one thing I came across was ways to stay organized with your home finances and bills. Obviously a budget is huge, and sticking to one can be vital to staying on track.

After a lot of reading, I decided to create a home finance binder for myself to keep track of spending, and bills. This is also great because I can track my savings, and money spent towards debt. I can physically look at what i am spending each month, and what im putting towards savings. Being able to see the amount saved feels amazing, and even if its just $20 I at least can see that I am putting money away.

Heres a few tips from some great articles i came across regarding Home Finance Binders, and their benefits.

1. Setting Goals for yourself & your family

Life is so hectic at times, ecspecially when you have kids. Its easy to put personal goals on the backburner and focusing solely on the present. Focusing on the now is great, but it can be detrimental to your own sanity to put your personal goals on hold. Creating a home finance binder allowed me to add a page dedicated to myself, and the things i want to achieve. I have read that being able to physically see your personal goals on paper, and tracking your success is a huge motivational tool, and people who do this, are generally more successful when it comes to going after and achieveing the things they want!

Here is the personal goal tracker sheet i created, you can purchase the PDF file for download here.


2. Save Time By Sticking To A Plan

Paying bills can be a timely task, as it usually is very un organized, and hectic. Having to figure out what to pay, and how much out of your check goes to what is daunting and tedious. Having a budget and/or home finance binder will save you so much time. You dont have to sit there and figure everything out each month, because you already have a plan to stick to, and you can see your plan right in front of you. You already know how much money goes where each check, because its already been written out. All you have to do, is pay the amount you have allotted yourself, and your done! Saving time is so valuable, because it gives you more room to do the things you enjoy.

Here is my personal budget worksheet I created, you can purchase the PDF file for download here.



3. All Your Information Is Always At Your Fingertips

Lets be real, emergencies happen, no matter how big or small. Having a section in your home finance or organization planner for emergency information will save you time, and relieve stress in hectic or emergency situations. Car broke down? Kids swallowed something you think could harm them? Flip to your important information page, and instantly find your repair mans number, or poison control. This helps bring a little bit of relief to a hectic life, and can alleviate stress knowing all that needed info is nicely organized in one place.

Here is the Important Information worksheet I created for myself. You can purchase the PDF File Download Here


4. Teaching Your Kids Important Life Lessons Early

Showing your kids how you keep your life organized, is a great tool in teaching them valuable life lessons. Obviously, seeing a financial budgeting worksheet isnt going to make much sense, but keeping important documents, chore charts and other important things organized will help show your kids the importance of keeping things neat, tidy and all in one place. Instilling in them the value of organization is something that will stick with them forever, and help them out in life!

Here is my weekly chore chart worksheet Ive created, you can purchase the PDF file for download here


5. Train Your Brain To Be Organized

Being organized isn’t always second nature for people, i know personally, it was something I had to train my brain to do. I am probably the most unorganized, slob you will ever meet! I really had to change that about myself once i became a mother, because being unorganized can create a large amount of unnecessary chaos in an already hectic life. Creating my home finance binder was the first step to organizing my life, and what a difference it has made! i feel like even just organizing my finances and personal information has alleviated so much stress from my life. It also gave me the motivation to organize other aspects of my life such as cleaning, household items, and more. Organization gives you control over your life, and a home binder is a way to organize some of the most important aspects of your home.

Here is the printable week at a glance i created to keep my weekly appointments, and tasks in order. You can purchase the PDF file for download here.



Those are the top 5 reasons why I decided to create my home binder, and I am so glad I did it! My life feels more in control than ever, just because this binder has really motivated me to organize my life. It relieves stress, and is a huge help with my hectic schedule. Also, being a single mom, i am solely responsible for everything in my home, so this binder is like my personal assistant. Creating your own home binder is super easy, but if you prefer pre made templates, i have tons more available for sale in PDF file download at my etsy shop here!